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What Is Wheeler Machine Learning Club?

Wheeler High School

Wheeler Machine Learning Club aims to educate high school students about the power of machine learning, an application of artificial intelligence with growing relevance in the world and growing job opportunities. We are based in Wheeler High School, and we hold club meetings every Tuesday after school. All our lessons and resources will be made public to help educate everyone, regardless of their location, about machine learning.

What Do We Offer?


Each week, we provide carefully constructed lessons that teach you about a new machine learning topic and let you check your understanding.


Our instructors have past experience with machine learning and can help guide you through the challenges of machine learning.


By joining us, you can connect with others interested in machine learning and collaborate on your next big project together.

Why Learn About Machine Learning?

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Data science is a high paying job

The national average salary for a data scientist is $113,309.

Machine learning is being used across a variety of industries

The healthcare, financial, retail, and advertising industries all use machine learning. It's everywhere!

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Machine learning improves analytical, coding, and math skills

Statistical analysis, understanding how machine learning works, and implementation of machine learning helps build a fundamental foundation for other skills.

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Become A Speaker!

Do you have experience in the machine learning field? If you want to help spread your knowledge of machine learning, we'd love to have you give a guest lecture to our club members!

Please contact us at wheelermlclub@gmail.com